Photosynth 3D reconstructions provide an interesting means of experiencing the castle from the photographer’s point of view, placing images in a 3D context, and can also be used to develop useful 3D representations of the structure (hint: have a look at the various viewing options under the 4th button on the lower part of the screen).

A final view of the courtyard, excavation complete, looking down from the southern curtain wall battlements, before restoration work proceeds to obscure some of these early features – credit Jon.

An August 2013 ground level view of the courtyard.

This complete spherical composition from the centre of the courtyard was captured by Jon Haylett on 13 Jul 13, beginning to get the hang of this methinks!! Well done Jon.

A view from the Battlements as of 8 Jul 2013 by Jon Haylett, this composition of 55 images is another test shoot, but conveys an excellent impression of ‘being there’. More to follow as we get the hang of this!

The next ‘synth’ provides a complete view of the castle, both inside and outside, as it was before commencement of any of the current restoration activity.  We will provide further 3D visualizations as the work proceeds, with a particular focus on interesting finds and aspects of restoration.

… an exciting test set below by Jon Haylett using a slightly different 3D technique, showing a current dig in the West Wing, this partial set has worked very well indeed, so watch out for full 360 degree x 360 degree ‘spherical’ shots coming shortly …

Next a 3D synth allowing you to ‘walk through’ the castle and home-in on particular areas of interest. This is a holding piece at the moment, we have some additonal imagery to add-in over the next few days, and will re-publish an enhaced version of this synth when we have done that. Walk in through the main entrance … then click, drag and zoom your way around or use the quick links on the right to go straight to the interesting bits.