Can you help us reach our target and preserve this wonderful monument for future generations?  We need your help – if you value this fantastic castle as something that is more than the sum of its parts and wish to be a part of its enduring future, you can help by taking a stake in the castle as a sponsor of one of those parts. You now have the opportunity to sponsor a rock, but not just any old rock, one that has played a role, along with its neighbours, of holding the castle together for close on 900 years, sitting patiently in its place and preparing calmly to do so for another 2000 years.  Envy its glorious view, think upon those that have looked upon it unknowingly over nigh 50 generations , and those that are yet to do so over more yet to come.  Consider the craftsmen unknown that selected it, shaped it and placed it, and those here now helping to assure its continued comfort.

You have the opportunity to sponsor this stone’s future, to be forever associated with its fortune, to share in its vista, to savour fine and fierce weather and to watch patiently the passing tide of people and time.  If you are moved by such a prospect, and who wouldn’t be, choose your own little bit of history and to nurture it as a fragment of the future … and of course secure the same for those you admire, respect and love.  A fantastic gift. The stone you select will be assigned to you alone, its serial number, exact location and a name that you may choose for it will be entered into the records.  It will expect you to visit occasionally, but it can wait. Go on … Sponsor a Stone! After clicking the submit button you should receive a confirmatory email straight away, sent to the email address you entered and containing all the information you entered in the submission form.  We use this to identify your stone and mark up the image (red) so that no-one else can choose it.  We will also send you a pdf certificate containing the name of the stone you have sponsored and a picture of it.

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